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Generate your page

Answer a few questions about your product and we will generate a page for you automatically.


Edit design and content

Enter your content, upload images and adjust the design as much as you like.


Publish or download

Publish your page through landen with a single click or download a zip archive with your page files.

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Free Hosting

We offer fast and reliable hosting for Landen Lite and Landen Pro.

Multiple Pages

You can add multiple sub-pages to your site. They will share the same design.

Email Capture

Use our one-click MailChimp integration to capture email addresses effortlessly.

Fully Responsive

Our pages look beautiful on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

HTTPS Included

Modern websites need HTTPS. We include it for free in our basic hosting plan.

Clean Code

We don't spew out spaghetti-code. Our generator produces clean HTML.

Image Optimization

Landen resizes and converts the images you upload for better performance.

Video Support

Use videos throughout your page to explain your product more easily.

Got questions? We got answers.

How is this different from X?

Unlike most website builders, you don't have to spend hours moving boxes around on your screen. Landen has no drag-and-drop and no templates.

Can I export my site?

Yes! Pro users can download a zip-file with their entire website's contents, edit them and host them somewhere else.

Can I host my own code at Landen?

No, you can't bring your own code into Landen, but we let Pro users export their sites.

How does the free tier work?

On the free tier websites, we include a small "Made with Landen" badge to promote our service. If you want to remove the badge you have to upgrade to the Pro plan first.

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