Landen 2.0 🎉

Landen 2.0  🎉

Finally, the day is here! It's been a bit more than a year since I started work on Landen. Today I'd like to introduce Landen 2.0 with a second launch. There have been a lot of changes to the core product and some powerful new features:

Core Product

The updates for Landen's core product: the website generator, editor and hosting have been countless. From a new load-balanced server infrastructure, over performance updates, icon & asset pickers, to new sections. If you want to find out more, have a look at the changelog.


Content is an important part of marketing and building a brand these days. Landen has support for blogs on the same domain as your homepage, which is great for SEO. That also means that you don't need to wrangle with Wordpress setups, servers, plugins, updates, or blogging platforms with their own agendas. On Landen you own your blog. There's currently support for multiple authors, scheduling and backdating posts (if you want to move an existing blog). Some more updates are on the way: tags/categories, design editor, blog analytics, email subscriptions.


Privacy is one of Landens core values, so it only makes sense to have a simple, privacy-focused analytics system right within Landen. Data is collected server side, on the same domain as your sites without calling any external URLs. Currently available stats include: pageviews, top sites, referrers, countries, cities, browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Email Lists

Sometimes you might just want to validate an idea without setting up a complicating mailing system. With this new feature, it's now possible to create email lists right within Landen. Then your visitors can sign up with your email capture forms, all without requiring any 3rd-party services. You can export your lists as CSV file at any time.

These improvements and new features are just the beginning. A lot more cool stuff is on the way, and you can see some of it on the roadmap (where you can also request features).

In a way, this is the first real version and 1.0 was just a beta test. If you're currently working on a product you haven't launched yet, I highly recommend you do the same: Launch once your product gets the point across and start validating your idea right away. If this were the initial launch and Landen didn't have any paying customers yet, the pressure would be overwhelming after a year of hard work.

Thank you to everyone who has used Landen in the past, paid or free. And thank you to everyone who's provided valuable feedback.

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